This website will provide the citizens of Columbus and Bartholomew County with the latest Columbus Railroad Project information.  The website goal is to enhance communication with the public, improve public safety and help mitigate traffic issues.

As the economy grows in our country, so does the need for business and industry to look for the safest and most economical way to transport goods and supplies across our nation.  Oftentimes, this mode of transportation is train transportation.  Our community is impacted by an increase in train travel across its major intersections, with the most impacted intersection located at State Road 46 and Indiana 11, the main entrance point to our city for many travelers and commuters.

The City of Columbus has been working closely with the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), the railroads and our legislators on both the state and Federal level to identify the most effective way to address the expected increase in train traffic in impacted areas of the community. With the help of special citizen committee, the Redevelopment Commission has identified six possible solutions, each with varying costs and timeframes.  You can view these solutions on the background page.

As work continues toward a solution that is workable for our community and the many stakeholders, this website will be updated with the latest developments and news.  This website, along with public meetings, email updates and communication with local media, will be a way of informing the public about how we are working to lessen the impact of increased train traffic.