This website will provide the citizens of Columbus and Bartholomew County with the latest Columbus Railroad Project information.  The website goal is to enhance communication with the public, improve public safety and help mitigate traffic issues.

As the economy grows in our country, so does the need for business and industry to look for the safest and most economical way to transport goods and supplies across our nation.  Oftentimes, this mode of transportation is train transportation.  Our community is impacted by an increase in train travel across its major intersections, with the most impacted intersection located at State Road 46 and Indiana 11, the main entrance point to our city for many travelers and commuters.

The State of Indiana, the City of Columbus, Bartholomew County, Louisville & Indianapolis Railroad and CSX came together to address the potential issue and arrived at the overpass solution, which will be financed by several parties, including a $30 million investment from Cummins Inc., as well as the Indiana Department of Transportation, City of Columbus, Bartholomew County and the railroads.  The overpass solution (alternative #4) was identified as the best solution for those impacted by increased train traffic in the area.

The rail solution was imperative for the city of Columbus and especially Cummins, since a majority of its employees use S.R. 46 each day in their commute. Without a solution, the increase in trains would have significantly disrupted productivity and the quality of life for Cummins employees and for Columbus residents and businesses.

The City is now working with the above mentioned stakeholders to expedite construction of the proposed overpass and to secure funding. Please visit this website for updates on the project progress.