Photo Gallery: Project Progress

Project Facts and Figures


Construction – $25,447,132
Total Project Cost – $32,678,892
(includes construction, engineering, right of way, utility relocation, etc.)


October 2020: Road open to traffic
Spring 2021: Project complete


  • 2184 trees will be planted in 2021
  • 658 in the interchange infield areas
  • 1526 for environmental mitigation
  • Approximately 200 trees will be removed in 2019


Overpass will clear the railroad tracks by 23’

People Trail

  • The current trail along SR46 will remain in place
  • New trail along west side of SR11


49 new energy efficient LED streetlights will be installed

Asphalt (approx. tons)

  • 31,200 tons of NEW asphalt
  • 4,600 tons of RECYCLED asphalt


  • There will be 22 additional trains per day
  • (Each train carries the equivelent of 380 semi-trucks)
  • 22 additional trains per day = 8360 semi-trucks

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Project History